How to Dye Kanekalon Hair

Jessie J tops off an over-the-top look with a bold blue wig.

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The stylish among us know that making bold, daring accessory choices can add a sense of individuality to any fashionable outfit. When it comes to hair, creating a chic coif is no exception, especially if you're ready to rock a synthetic look. Kanekalon, a popular type of synthetic wig fiber, comes in a variety of cute colors, but not necessarily the shades you find stylish. To get the colors a girl craves for her fearless fashions, she'll need to coat the pore-free Kanekalon plastic with a stain or dye.

Marker Stain Method


Cover your work space with plastic trash bags and remove any items that you don't want stained. Put on a pair of latex gloves to protect your hands.


Fill a bucket with 8 oz. of rubbing alcohol, and set it in your work area.


Choose a Sharpie marker in the color you want your wig to have. You can use other marker types, but Sharpies typically have more ink in them.


Crack open the marker casing with a pair of pliers, so that you can get to the inkwell inside. Squeeze as much of the ink as you can into the bucket, using your fingers. Place the rest of the inkwell into the bucket.


Stir the mixture with a wooden dowel until the ink is well mixed into the alcohol. Let the mixture sit until the alcohol turns the color you want in your wig.


Add the wig to the mixture and stir to coat the wig completely. Let the wig sit in the dye bath for 30 minutes, then take it out and let it air-dry.


Rinse out the excess ink from the wig in cold water. Comb out any tangles with your fingers, then let the wig air-dry again.

Wig Dye Method


Choose a liquid wig dye in the color you want. You can find wig dyes in wig supply or wig-making shops.


Pour the liquid dye into a spray bottle. If the bottle directions advise diluting the dye, do so as instructed.


Lay out your wig on top of a few plastic trash bags. Protect the rest of your workspace, and put on a pair of gloves to protect yourself.


Spray the dye evenly over the wig, coating it completely. Once the wig is coated, let it air-dry completely.


Rinse out the wig in cold water to remove the excess dye. Dry the wig again.

Things You'll Need


1.Plastic trash bags

3.Bucket or spray bottle

5.Sharpie marker or liquid wig dye

7.Wooden dowel


4.Rubbing alcohol


8.White Kanekalon wig


Tips & Tricks


You can also use heat-activated fabric dye, but do not boil Kanekalon wigs or they will melt. Use water that is hot but not boiling.

Do not let dye get on your clothes, or it may permanently stain.


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