How to Dye Hair Using Household Items

Lighten blond locks with lemons.

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You don't have to cover your hair with a bunch of horrible chemicals to change its color. Spare your hair the damage and root around in your kitchen cupboard for some DIY color treatments instead. You won't be able to go from black to drastic blond with home remedies, but using household items is a great way to add a little natural pizazz to your color. Think enhancement, not total hair makeover. With these treatments, it's best to stick close to a shade you already sport, and use these methods for a little extra kick of color.


Brighten up blond locks with a chamomile tea rinse. Using this technique weekly can help you go from dishwater blond to golden goddess without all those nasty chemicals. Just brew up a big batch of chamomile tea and let it cool down. Then pour it over dry or towel dry hair. Put some kind of bucket under your head so you can re-dump the tea over your locks more than once. If you have the patience, pour the chamomile on 15 or so times, then let it soak in for 15 or 30 minutes, before rinsing it out.


Get natural, sun-kissed highlights with a little lemon juice. Coat individual strands for bright streaks. Alternatively, juice up a few lemons, add a little water and pour the whole thing over your head, for an all-over brightener. Once you're all juiced up, go outside. The lemon juice needs to react with the sun to brighten your hair, so grab a book, head outside and plant your mane in a sunny spot while it dries. Just remember to put on some sunscreen first, so you don't get a sunburn.


Put a little sexy, red sizzle in strawberry blond or reddish hair with good old fashioned tomato juice. Just dump a can on your locks, wrap some plastic wrap on your head and let it percolate for about 15 minutes or half an hour, then rinse off. If you have beet juice or carrot juice on hand, you can use those, too.


Darken your locks with black tea or black coffee. Brew some up. Let it cool, then pour the mixture on your hair 15 or so times. Let it sit for 15 or 30 minutes, before rinsing it out.

Things You'll Need



3.Lemons or lemon juice


7.Plastic wrap

2.Chamomile tea


6.Tomato juice, beet juice or carrot juice

8.Black tea or black coffee


Tips & Tricks


Wear old clothes, so you don't accidentally stain a perfectly good outfit.

Warning: lemon juice is for fair-haired girls only. Unfortunately for all you dark-haired beauties out there, the best color you can hope for with lemons is a funky, brassy orange.


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