How to Dye Hair Black With Blonde Highlights

Whether you want a subtle style or a bold 'do like Rihanna's, black hair with blond highlights looks lovely.

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Black hair with blond highlights is a really bold look, because the dark black and light blond shades contrast so much against one another. It is a really chic and lovely look, if done properly. As long as you have the right stuff and know how to use foils on your hair, you can get the same picture perfect color as you would after sitting in your stylist's chair for the afternoon.


Put a towel around your shoulders and open up your hair dye kit. There should be a pair of latex gloves in your kit, so put these on before getting started. You don't want to get black dye or bleach all over your hands, right? Not unless you really want to freak out that blind date you're supposed to meet up with later.


Prepare the bleach mixture first. Highlighting kits include a container of powdered bleach and some developer creme, which you simply have to mix together -- some kits even come premixed -- and keep in the applicator tube or hair coloring bowl included in your kit. If you do have to mix the goop, read over the box to see how much you need for your hair, depending on the length and how many levels you need to lighten it.


Take a foil strip -- again, a nice little pile of foil strips should be included in your kit -- and pull out a small section of hair just about 1/2-inch wide, or larger if you want a bolder, chunkier look. Place the hair directly over top of the foil strip, so the hair spans from the very top edge of the strip down to the ends. If your hair is really long, fold the ends that hang off up and back over top of the section of hair, and apply some of the bleach mixture over the length of the hair to color it.


Keep coloring with the bleach mixture to dye all the hair you want blond. If you're going for a more natural look, keep the highlights smaller in size, but also place them randomly around your head. You don't want a perfect look if you want a natural look; it's all about randomness.


With all the blond pieces colored and in foils, now it's time for that jet black shade. You can put the rest of the foils away, because now that the blond pieces are sectioned off and covered by the foil, you're just going to color the rest of your hair and leave it all loose.


Put the black hair dye mixture into the included applicator bottle and color over the loose hair, squeezing a small amount of the dye out at a time and rubbing it into your hair with your fingertips to ensure it's all completely saturated.


Wait until the dye has had time to process -- the instructions will clearly state how long the dye needs before finishing -- and then remove the foils and rinse your hair out under cool water.

Things You'll Need



3.Highlighting kit

2.Black hair dye


Tips & Tricks


When you're doing a solid color and also lightening pieces of your hair, it's important to time out the dyeing process properly. Most hair takes at least 40 minutes to lighten to the right level before you can remove the bleach and not end up with a brassy shade, while most darker shades only take 15 to 20 minutes. Considering the time it takes you to prepare the black hair dye after doing the blond pieces, plan the time so both dyes are finished processing at the same time.


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