How to Dye Arm Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

Don't let arm hair keep you in long sleeves.

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Troubled by dark hair on your arms? No problem! Lighten it up with cosmetic-grade hydrogen peroxide and a dash of shampoo. While it may sound strange, you can dye your arm hair just like you dye the hair on your head; the technique is just a little different! Cosmetic-grade hydrogen peroxide has a stronger lift than the type that's in your medicine cabinet. Just mix it up and you're on your way to sexier arms in about five minutes.


Grab the shampoo from your shower and squeeze 2 tsp. into a small bowl. Pour 2 tsp. of 30-volume, clear hydrogen peroxide into the bowl. Mix it up good with cotton swab.


Dip a cotton ball into the mix and lightly blot it onto your arm hair. Blot lightly! A thin coating of hydrogen peroxide mix on your arm hair is all you need. Slathering it on will not make the peroxide work better or faster.


Leave the hydrogen peroxide mixture on for three to five minutes. Rinse your arms with cool water to remove the hydrogen peroxide. Rinse! Rinse! Rinse! Take your time and make sure you get all of it off. Massage a moisturizing body lotion into your skin afterward to keep it feeling sexy smooth.

Things You'll Need



3.30-volume hydrogen peroxide

5.Cotton ball

2.Small bowl

4.Cotton swab

6.Moisturizing body lotion


Tips & Tricks


While it is inevitable that you will get some of the peroxide on your skin, try your best to blot it onto your hair only.

You can get cosmetic grade hydrogen peroxide in a beauty supply store and online.

Do not leave the hydrogen peroxide and shampoo mix on any longer than five minutes. Leaving it on longer can irritate or burn your skin.

If your arms feel like they are burning, rinse the peroxide off right away! Run your arms under cool water for 15 minutes. If the burning keeps up, get medical help.


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