How Do I Help Dry Peeling Skin on My Nose?

Covering up your nose feels like the only way out when your skin is peeling.

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Dry skin is an uncomfortable, unsightly problem to have, especially if it happens to be smack in the middle of your face, right on your nose. The good news? It is easier to solve than you might think because there are a few common activities drying out your skin that you probably didn't realize. The bad news? None! Just follow a few simple steps and you should see improvement within a few days to a week.


Cut down on long, intense face-washing sessions. Washing your face too long or too often can dry out the skin on your face and nose, so give your face a break and scale back those cleansing sessions.


Lower that temperature gauge. Make your face-washing session a little cooler, as hot water will dry out the skin on your nose and cause peeling.


Switch to a gentler face wash or cleanser. Harsh ingredients in your face wash could be drying out your skin. Look for a more moisturizing, gentler formula.


Apply moisturizer to damp skin, as opposed to totally dry skin. This actually helps it absorb better and do more to help your skin.


Enhance your air quality with a humidifier. Dry air can greatly contribute to dried-out skin so pump some moisture into your life.


Avoid dry-skin triggers. These can be things like abrasive face washes, exfoliating creams, itchy, scratchy sweaters pulled over your head and certain medications that list dry skin as a side effect. (Of course, consult with your doctor before stopping or starting any medication).


Use a moisturizer for combo skin if your nose is peeling, yet oily. This will address those yucky flakes without causing breakouts.

Things You'll Need


1.Gentle cleanser



4.Combo skin moisturizer (optional)


Tips & Tricks


This almost goes without saying, but do not, under any circumstances, pick at or scratch your nose! This is a guaranteed way to cause your dried skin to flare up and create more unsightly flakes.


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