How to Dry Nail Polish With Cold Water

A cold water dip after painting can help your nails dry faster.

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Sidestepping a smudge reigns supreme when it comes to freshly painted digits, but busy, on-the-go girls don't have time to dilly-dally, waiting for their polish to dry. Rather than fan your nails frantically or bust out the hairdryer, a cold water plunge can set the polish and put your fears at ease. Once you solve the smudge problem, you're free to add another coat or go about your business.


Put a stopper in your sink and fill it about halfway full with cold water.


Dump 12 to 14 ice cubes into the water to make an icy bath for your nails. If you have ice trays, unload a full one.


Plunge your newly painted digits into the freezing cold water to set the polish. Wait a minute or two and remove. Gently pat your fingers dry with a clean paper towel.

Things You'll Need


1.Sink basin with stopper

3.12 to 14 ice cubes

2.Cold water


Tips & Tricks


Only put the tips of your painted fingers in the icy cold water. Your whole hand doesn't need to suffer.


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