How to Dress for a Triangle Shape

Triangle-shaped bodies are also sometimes called a pear shape.

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Even if geometry wasn't your favorite high school subject, you probably know if you have a triangle-shaped body. In other words, if you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, you have a triangle body. Dressing a triangle body may be a little more difficult than dressing a rectangle, for instance, but it is certainly possible with a little knowledge and a few tricks.


Look for clothes that emphasize your waist. Lucky you, you have a well-defined waist, so play it up with belts, cinched jackets and tops, and empire waists.


Find A-line skirts and dresses that cinch in at the waist and then flow away from the body. This will draw attention to your small top and away from your fuller thighs and hips.


Wear short-sleeved tops to show off your narrow upper body.


Look for jeans that are straight leg, boot leg or low rise fit. These will create a fluid line from your hips down to your feet and will help your legs look streamlined.


Don't wear baggy clothes in an effort to hide your bottom half. Instead, find darker or neutral shades in pants, jeans and skirts and brightly colored or patterned tops. Wear necklaces and earrings that keep the attention focused on your face and upper body.

Things You'll Need


1.Brightly colored tops

3.Cinched waists


7.A-line skirts or dresses



6.Dark or neutral bottoms


Tips & Tricks


Don't wear jeans or pants that are too tight in an effort to show off your curves. Clothes that are too tight are not only uncomfortable but often unflattering.


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