How to Dress for Tanned Skin Tone

Dress with your tan, not against it.

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Tanning your skin can make you look healthy, glowing and sun-kissed. It can also be a bit of a shock to your wardrobe, especially if you're used to being as pale as snow. Dressing in the right shades and styles makes the most of your tan. Avoid faux pas so the fashion police don't pull up to you on the street and issue you a citation -- so embarrassing. After all, the burnt orange tank you rocked under a brown sweater in the fall might look kind of blah with a summer tan.


Make sure you're not showing your tan lines. Seriously, they may be faint or they may be obvious, but they shouldn't be something that everyone can see. Check the straps and shoulders on all your shirts to see if they highlight your tan and not the pale skin around it. Avoid looking sloppy, and you'll be making the most of your tan.


Try mixing shades of gold and brown if you're not looking to stand out too much. You'll be blending the natural shades in -- they'll work great with your tan. Don't use anything orange and don't stick with one color. You're not going for the chameleon look. Layer


Grab jewelry that contrasts with your tan. Gold is great, but if it blends into your skin, you're not making the most of your accessories. Try using bold, beach-inspired stones like aquamarines and turquoise. The blues will look bold on your skin and will call to mind days by the seashore, something that goes great with a tan.


Try wearing shades of turquoise, green and purple. The colors can be dramatic or sweet -- think pastels or jewel tones. Just dress to the occasion. Thing is, these colors will contrast with your skin and make your features and your outfit stand out. It's a great way to get attention in a crowded room.


Try black and white on for size -- both colors look great, but white especially works better on darker skin. Once you're dressed, jazz up your outfit with bold jewelry and makeup to really make a splash. Don't mix black and white together, though. Your tan, with the black and white, will be too much color to look at. Stick with one shade or the other -- plus jewelry.


Try on some flesh-colored strappy heels to elongate your legs. The right shade may have been hard to find pre-tan, but you can definitely find some warm honey colored or light maple heels if you go on a shopping spree. Your legs will look amazing, and they go with almost any outfit.

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Don't overdo it with the tans. Sure, it looks great, but skin cancer is no fun at all.


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