Are Dress Socks Supposed to Match the Color of Pants or Shoes?

Every man needs a woman looking out for his fashion well-being.

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Women don't usually pair dress shoes with socks because heel highs and ballet flats would look pretty goofy with a pair of thick socks. So why does a fashion-minded woman like you need the knowledge of pairing dress socks with the right pants and shoes? To dress your boyfriend, of course! You know the saying, "Behind every well-dressed man is a fashionable woman." Okay, maybe that's not the exact saying, but you understand. Knowing how to dress your man will prove invaluable in helping him look successful and put together.

Match the Pants

If you read the section title, there you have it. The dress socks should match the pants. If you were just looking for a quick and easy fix to help your half-dressed man, go get the poor guy dressed! If you have time, however, read on. According to "GQ" magazine, among others, the dress socks should always match the pants in order to keep the line of vision going until the shoe. No one wants to stop and focus on the socks; they want to check out your guy's pants and then his shoes. Blending the socks with the pants keeps the socks almost camouflaged at the bottom of his legs.

Get the Look

The way to get this look is very easy. For a pair of black pants, wear black socks. A pair of navy pants should be worn with navy socks and brown pants should get brown socks. You get the picture.

Take It Up a Notch

Of course, you could be more sophisticated if you want, according to "GQ." If your man is wearing a beige suit with brown shoes, the socks can act as a bridge between the two, bringing the colors together to complete the look. You know the rule that beige pants require beige socks, but he can wear light brown socks that are a subtle combination of brown and beige. Alternatively, he can wear brown socks with a small beige design or pattern on the side. This will bring the colors together and make him seem really coordinated. For a black or navy suit worn with shoes of the same color, the choice is easy. The socks, shoes and pants will all be the same color.

General Rules

The only catch to this whole socks-matching-shoes thing is if his shoes don't match his outfit in the first place. Any guy wearing white shoes with a black suit will look fashion-deficient no matter what color his socks are. As a general rule, the shoes should always be darker than the suit, if they are not the same shade. The only time a man should ever wear white dress shoes is to a seaside wedding when he's wearing a white linen suit. In that case, white socks would be perfectly acceptable to match the ensemble. Just make sure they're not gym socks.

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