How to Dress for a Short Waist and Broad Shoulders

A wrap dress, like what Lily Aldridge has on, has a neckline that makes broad shoulders look less wide.

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You may feel like your body is unbalanced when you are short-waisted and have broad shoulders. And it's not like finding clothing that can flatter this type of body shape is simple, either. Some clothing makes you look like a linebacker, while other styles make you look like your waist sits around your ears. Don't fret. A variety of clothing options are available that get your looking runway-ready.


Don't think you can't look super sexy in a top, just because of your broad shoulders and short waist? Quite the contrary. Throw on a V-neck top and you'll look smokin'. The low cut downplays your shoulder size by focusing attention elsewhere. The low dip also helps to elongate your torso, making it look longer and leaner. Tops that feature plunging necklines also do the same thing. Plus, they leave you looking ahhh-mazing.


Sporting the right bottoms makes a huge difference in the way your body looks. To make your waist area look longer, go with jeans and pants that sit low. They'll help elongate your frame. High-waisted pants are a huge no-no, since they only accentuate your short waist. Follow the same rules with skirts.


The key to making your shoulders look less broad is to wear a dress that features soft, feminine features. For instance, a wrap dress showcases a soft neckline that can de-emphasize your broad shoulders. Also, the style of the dress helps to draw out your waist area. And the extra fabric in the front can help to cover any problem areas.


Believe it or not, even the shoes you wear can affect the way your body looks. To help give that short-waisted area of yours some length, wear heels with pants and dresses. They'll make your legs look longer, which can take the focus off of your shoulders and torso. And to really get your gams looking lengthy, wear skin tone-colored shoes -- they make you legs seem like they never end.

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