The Best Dress for a Large Belly

Squinting and turning your head won't change the way the dress looks.

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Most women have trouble spots that they try to conceal with their clothing. The main idea when searching for a dress for any body type is to use visual effects to trick the eyes into focusing on the best parts, while avoiding the trouble spots. If your trouble spot is your belly, choose dresses that flaunt the other parts of your gorgeous body.

Slight A-line

A dress with a slight A-line is the perfect choice to conceal a big belly. This type of dress is narrow at the top, then gradually widens to end with a slightly wider bottom. This will make your stomach seem narrower, while creating balance by giving your legs a wider appearance. The eyes will naturally be drawn to the top where it starts, and the bottom where it ends, bringing the attention to your neckline and legs. Perfect!

One Pattern

Another visual trick to minimize your belly is to choose a dress with just one pattern all the way down. Like the shape of the A-line, this will keep the eyes in check and cause the focus to be at the top and the bottom of your body. Wearing a pattern that changes in the middle or adding a belt will bring eyes straight to your middle where you don't want them to be, so avoid these two looks like the plague.

Color Blocking

Sneaky trick to try -- color blocking. Color blocking is using solid colors to your advantage by placing them strategically around your body. Since black is slimming, wearing a shirt with black on the outside and a different color in the middle will make it seem like your waist is thinner than is. The opposite is true, as well: A shirt with white on the outside and black in the middle will make you look curvier and more voluptuous. Look for dresses that have solid sides of black with a different color in the middle that continues all the way from the top of the dress down to the bottom.

Hide Away

No one will even get a hint of your troubling tummy if you conceal the extra pouch with an empire waist dress. Empire waists are those genius inventions made for pregnant gals, using a high waistline to allow for lots of extra room in the tummy (hellooo, perfect outfit for post-Thanksgiving fullness). Conceal any extra pounds with a forgiving empire waist that bellows out and hides your trouble spot underneath.

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