Double Twist Hair Styles for Black Hair

Double twists can be pulled into a high ponytail.

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Twist hair styles are a smart choice for African-American women who want a low-maintenance 'do that won't cause any damage. While you can wear this style as-is, you can also fashion a head full of twists into several variations. This adds some versatility to one basic hair style. Whether you design twists on your natural hair or you add extensions, this style is ready for just about any occasion, including work or weekend.


African-American women can style their natural locks into a set of twists. The curly nature of this hair texture secures twists without any additional help. Part hair into small sections about one-inch wide or thick. If you want thinner twists, make your sections smaller. For fatter twists, make larger sections. Take a section and divide it into two. Twist these two sections around each other, from scalp to the ends. If you need help securing ends, you can use break-free rubber bands, but avoid the regular ones which often break black hair. Repeat twisting over the entire head.

Loose Styles

Once your twists are styled, you're ready to go. For different looks, consider the wide range of hair accessories available. Slip on a headband or wide scarf to hold twists out of your face while adding a personal touch. Use mini butterfly clips to hold one side of your twists back, while the other side hangs freely. Pull back the top section of your twists and secure with an elastic band and let the back hang down.

Buns and Ponytails

If you want a more professional look for your twists, a bun is always in style. Pull your twists back and secure with an elastic band. Wrap your hair around itself into a bun and pin into place. You can also make a simple ponytail, but add some flair with attractive accessories like tortoise shell or gemstone-studded ponytail holders. For a casual weekend hairdo, fashion your twists into two playful ponytails, one on each side of your head.


When styling twists, look for products that offer some hold, like water-based gel or thick hair butters. You can twist hair while damp or dry; you may need to experiment to see which gives you the results you want. Add your product to each section of hair before twisting and comb it through or work it through with your fingers. If you want to take advantage of another double twist style, the twist-out, make sure you use gel before twisting; when you undo your twists, you'll have a frizz-free style.

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