How to Double-Strand Twist Short Hair

Considering a new hair style?  Try the double-strand twist.

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Don't let the length of your hair keep you from being bold when it comes to styling options. Double strand, or two strand, twists are a creative style that can be as fierce and fabulous on short hair as it is on longer tresses. Edgier than braids and more temporary than dreadlocks, twists are a smart way to grow out your hair or give it a break from everyday heat and chemicals.


Check the length of your hair. To successfully two-strand twist your hair, you must have at least an inch worth of length.


Shampoo and condition your hair for a clean start. Squeeze out excess water and then towel blot until your hair is damp.


Spritz your hair with a setting lotion or apply an alcohol-free gel to help hold the twists. Comb the hair through with a wide-tooth comb to work out any knots or tangles.


Use a rat-tail comb to part a half-an-inch section of hair. Creating a part that is larger or smaller than half-an-inch will affect the size of your twists. Because your hair is short, make larger parts cautiously so that the twists are not fatter than the length of your hair.


Separate the rest of the hair with hair clips to keep it out of the way while styling.


Split a section of your hair into two parts of equal thickness. Holding one section in your right hand and the other section in your left, begin twisting the two parts one over the other.


Continue twisting down to the end. The sections should stay intertwined. However, if they begin to unravel, secure them with a coated rubber band that is the same color as your hair.


Part out another section of hair and repeat the twisting process. Continue parting and twisting until the entire head is complete.


Sit under a hood-type dryer if you have one available or allow your hair to dry naturally.

Things You'll Need


1.Setting lotion or alcohol-free gel

3.Hair clips

5.Coated rubber bands

2.Wide-tooth comb

4.Rat-tail comb

6.Hood-type dryer


Tips & Tricks


If your hair measures less than an inch, wait until your hair gains length before styling two strand twists.

Use the same technique with gel to make two strand twists with dry hair.

Leaving hair twisted for long periods of time can cause the hair to start locking. Aim to keep twists in for no longer than two weeks.


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