How to Dissolve Krazy Glue From Your Fingernail


You know all about Krazy Glue -- and its related super adhesives -- from being Ms. Fixit around the house or even touching up your nails when you're in a bind. The adhesive is super strong, which is great when you're talking about repairs, but not so wonderful when your fingernails are covered with stickiness. Dissolve Krazy Glue from your fingernail carefully and with lots of patience to yield the results you want.


The tools you'll need to take care of a Krazy Glue mishap are usually items you already have around the house -- how lucky is that? Gather a bowl, dish detergent, some acetone-based nail polish remover and a blunt object such as a spoon, pencil or ice pop stick. Read the ingredients on your nail polish remover bottle to be sure yours has acetone in it, as acetone and super-potent glues are mortal enemies.


Dunk your fingers into a bowl of warm, soapy water as the first step to dissolving the adhesive from your fingernail. Use your spoon handle or other sticklike object to gently scrape dried glue off your fingernail. This technique will also help remove glue from your skin. Sometimes a warm, soapy soak won't do the trick. If this is the case, dry off your fingers and douse your fingernail with the acetone-based polish remover. Don't be surprised to see your acrylic nails come off too.

After Effects

The chemical you use to dissolve Krazy Glue from your fingernails and skin can be very drying. Use hand cream or lotion on your hands and nail beds to replenish the moisture you've lost.


Try not to touch your face as you work to dissolve the Krazy Glue from your fingernails. Powerful adhesives of this kind are much more difficult to remove from your eyes or lips. Seek medical attention if this occurs.

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