How to Disinfect Toenail Clippers

Care for your toenails and keep those clippers clean.

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There are some things a stylish girl doesn't talk about in public -- the price of her Prada, the details of last night with her boyfriend and what she has to do to disinfect her toenail clippers. Even if it's a simple process, it doesn't make for the best dinner conversation. Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, though. Keep those clippers clean so you don't end up with an infection on your foot when you trim your nails. Step out with clean, stylish toes -- and leave the clippers at home.


Drench a cotton ball with alcohol -- not the kind that goes into your martini -- and swipe it over the part of the clippers that touches your nails. Remove any visible stains with the cotton ball. Remember, if you can see it, then it hasn't been cleaned.


Pour a tiny cup of rubbing alcohol. Try using a disposable plastic cup, especially if you have some lying around from your last party. Pour just enough to cover your toenail clippers.


Drop the clippers into the alcohol. Set the cup somewhere that your dog -- or cat or boyfriend -- can't knock it over. You don't want to get stuck cleaning up alcohol when all you intended was a relaxing night of movies. Let it sit overnight.


Pull the clippers out of the cup and let the alcohol wave goodbye as it swirls down the drain. Set the clippers on a clean washcloth and let them dry.

Things You'll Need


1.Rubbing alcohol

3.Plastic cup

2.Cotton ball



Tips & Tricks


Swap out alcohol for a professional sterilizing solution, if you'd like. It has the same effect, but it's guaranteed safe for metal -- even though alcohol will do the trick with no damage. You can pick up a professional sterilizing solution at any beauty supply store.

You wouldn't share your toothbrush -- apply the same rule to nail clippers. They're totally inexpensive, so buy a clipper for each person in your home.


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