The Disadvantages of Skin Tight Jeans

Squeezing into too-tight jeans isn't worth the health risks.

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If struggling to squeeze into skin-tight jeans is part of your normal routine, knock it off. You might feel sexy, but you could be at risk for infections and other embarrassing conditions, some of which may require medical attention. Treat your body right and slide into a pair of jeans that flatter your figure without cutting off your circulation.

Bacterial and Yeast Infection

It sounds gross, but your body's got naturally-occurring bacteria and fungi lurking in the most intimate of places. Constrictive clothing like mega-tight jeans lock in moisture and cut off ventilation, creating the perfect environment for these freaky spores to run wild. The result? A yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Both of these conditions are curable with medicine, but prevention is the best prescription. Tight jeans may look sexy, but they're not worth compromising your crotch.


Sure, those booty-hugging jeans get heads turning on the street. But they can also cause folliculitis, or inflammation of hair follicles. When denim rubs against your skin, it creates friction that can bring on a rash or cluster of pustules. It can even leave scars or progress to large plaques of staph on the skin. If you're already experiencing this pore-clogging predicament, use warm compresses to drain any pus and oatmeal baths to soothe itchiness. It's not a life-threatening condition, but why not avoid it if you can?

Nerve Paresthetica

So you've worked your zipper all the way up with a pair of pliers, and you're feeling tingly. But that's not the glow of victory -- that's compression of your femoral cutaneous nerve. Caused by pressure on the nerve, paresthetica results in a burning or tingling sensation in the leg. Although alarming, however, the condition is temporary; removal of the constrictive element (i.e., your jeans) allows the nerve to regenerate. Take the pressure off yourself and your nerves and wear a pair that won't squeeze you numb.

Urinary Tract Infection

Be careful knocking back all those refreshments at the club. The pressure your tight jeans put on your bladder can lead to a painful infection of your urinary tract. When bacteria normally found in your digestive tract makes its way into your urethra, it can bring on a burning sensation and bloody urine. Plus, tight jeans also exacerbate bacterial growth, trapping moisture. Well-fitting pants don't inhibit your ability to properly empty your bladder, so ditch those skin-tight jeans and pee freely.

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