Different Ways to Wear Short Hair With Headbands and Clips

Headbands can accessorize your short hair.

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You love the ease and sassiness of your short hair yet feel a little stuck when it comes to changing your style. The solution: Pretend your hair is a little black dress and accessorize. Stylish accessories like headbands, bejeweled bobby pins and clips can fancy up your hair for minimal effort, yet maximum impact.

Switch Sides

One easy, yet subtle, way to change your look it to switch the way you part your hair. If you usually brush your hair forward, swipe your hair to the side and pin it loosely with a decorative hairpin. Vintage-inspired looks that have little sparkly details, such as a bumblebee or flower, are ideal options for short styles with bangs. If you have trouble getting your hair to stay in place, apply a little pomade prior to styling.

Feather Clips

Like a bird of paradise, you can add a delicate feather comb or clip to your hair as an outfit-making accessory. While you may toy around a bit with placement, try putting it on the side of your head -- close to your face -- so that onlookers can easily view it. If you’re in a pinch and can’t find the right one for you, try hot-gluing feathers to a clip yourself or finding an accessory like an earring that has the feathered look you love.


Whether thick or thin, headbands can make an ideal accessory for short hair. If you are able, tease the crown of your hair to create a slight 1960s'-inspired bouffant look. Place the headband no more than 1 inch away from your hairline to achieve perfect placement. If you find the headbands that end just below your ears to be uncomfortable, try a ribbon or stretchy-cloth headband that encircles your entire head. These can be less likely to push on your skull and be headache-inducing.


If you are trying to save a little dough, a new headband for your short hair may be only as far away as your jewelry box. You can wear a necklace as a headband, thanks to its adjustability and decorative nature. If your necklace is a little vintage-looking, consider adding a brooch or flower pin to the necklace for the night. Chances are, no one will know it’s not a headband.

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