Different Ways to Wear a Convertible Scarf Vest

A convertible scarf vest combines two key pieces into one single garment.

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In the dreary days of winter, wearing simple accessories over your traditional wardrobe is an easy way to brighten your look. But adding those key pieces – a vest, a cardigan and a shawl – can be a bit expensive if you’re on a tight budget. Even the most budget-conscious fashionistas can winterize their wardrobes with a simple length of fabric that can be easily converted into a scarf, wrap, vest or cardigan. The convertible scarf offers fashion flexibility at its finest.

Traditional Scarf

Although the convertible creation can be worn a number of different ways, you might simply want a traditional scarf look. To achieve this wintry wardrobe look, just wrap the scarf once or twice around your neck. Use your hands to fluff it a bit around your neck, loosening it just slightly. Let the remaining fabric hang down the front. With this style, the ends of your scarf should have pocket-like pouches for warming your hands in the frigid winter air.


For a slightly unconventional look, combine the look of a traditional scarf with that of a vest. Locate the middle of the scarf and position it at the back of your neck. Pull the two ends around to the front and cross them at your chest. Pull the scarf ends around behind your back and secure the buttons to hold the style in place. Naturally, you’ll want to wear a long sleeve shirt under this look. But be a bit daring with your color or pattern choices. Rather than playing it safe with matching colors, try pairing a black and white striped shirt with a bright solid-colored scarf wrap.


Wrap the middle of the scarf just once around your neck – keep it loose to avoid an uncomfortable fit. Pull the ends of the scarf down the front of your body. The scarf edge with a long row of buttons and the scarf edge with a long row of buttonholes should meet at the front of your chest. Button the bottom five or six buttons to form the traditional vest shape. Finish the look by pulling the other sides of the scarf ends around to your back. These edges should have a short row of buttons and buttonholes. Go ahead and button these to finish your look, turning your simple scarf into a vivacious vest.


If your outfit calls for a bit more coverage, wear your convertible scarf as a cardigan. Again, find the middle of the scarf. But rather than positioning it at the back of your neck, you’ll want to position it at the middle of your upper back. Essentially, position the scarf as if you’re preparing to wear it as a shrug around your shoulders. As the scarf wraps around your back and toward the front, it should drape over your shoulders and create a look similar to short shirt sleeves. Pull the scarf ends down your front and button all the way up. Just like with the vest, pull the other edges of the fabric around your back and button.

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