Different Styles of Sari Blouses

A sari blouse is worn with a sari.

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A sari blouse is a form-fitting blouse worn with a sari, according to StylesIndia.com, buyers and exporters of Indian garments. The sari is the traditional garment of women in India. Sari blouses, which typically bare the midriff, come in many styles, ranging from modest to positively skimpy.


Sari blouses are typically custom made, the better to show off individual assets of a hip young urbanite who wants to flash more flesh or an older lady who prefers not to. Just like saris, the blouses can be made of many different fabrics to compliment a sari. The blouses have evolved over centuries. Some now include modern designs many Western women wear, like halter necks, bustiers, spaghetti straps and even the abbreviated bikini top look, according to the Saree Outlet, an online sari vendor.


The traditional sari blouse design has a basic round neckline with a V-shaped back and sleeves that are either long or three-quarter length. It is sometimes referred to as the Indian princess style, as noted by OneIndia, an Indian language website. This design is quite modest compared with some of the more revealing ones. It might be worn by ladies who aren't exactly ecstatic about how their upper arms look or would rather not display other parts of their torso. Ladies around the world can relate.


The basic halter neck design sports a neckline with two ties, which ladies do up in back of the neck, or a pre-stitched knot. The halter neck shows off the shoulders, neck and back. This look has been popularized by Bollywood movies, those romantic Indian films showing young girls and guys singing, shimmying and making eyes at each other. The halter neckline is a look that is worn worldwide, and it's nice to wear in warm weather -- especially by those in great shape.

Other Designs

Other more modern designs include thin spaghetti shoulder straps, the one shoulder look, the bustier design that hugs the figure like a tube top and the abbreviated bikini-type sari blouse -- which looks pretty much like a basic bathing suit top with halter type straps. It bares the most skin of all the designs and isn't recommended for heavier ladies or those who lack the confidence to flaunt their stuff.

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