Different Streaking Styles & Colors for Hair

Jersey Shore's Deena rocks platinum peek-a-boo streaks.

Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Take your style profile up a notch by adding streaks to your hair. Streaks are bold highlights in a natural hair tone such as brown or blond, or a wild, funky color hue like green, orange or blue. Whether you want a small change or a dramatic transformation, different streaking styles and colors are the ticket to colorful new looks. Head to your local beauty supply store for a rainbow of dye options.

Peek-a-Boo Highlights

For peek-a-boo highlights, a layer of your natural hair sits on top of the highlights and partially conceals them so they're only visible when you move your hair. Try black on blond hair, platinum streaks on brown hair or lipstick red on black hair. Place the streaks under a 1-inch-thick layer of hair. Add one or many, depending on how bold you want the streaks to be. The streaks will peek out in a eye-catching way.

Funky Bright Colors

Play up your fun personality with bright and bubbly shades of hair highlights. Stick with a single color for a more wearable look or add several colors for a more dramatic style. Blue, purple and teal look fabulous together while red, orange and yellow are fiery and wild. Pastel shades are very modern and trendy, so give the lighter colors such as baby blue and butter yellow a try. Place streaks around your face to frame it with the color and keep the streaks about 1 to 2 inches thick.

Clip-In Streaks

The advantage of clip-in streaks is that you can get bright, vibrant shades without bleaching your natural hair. You can also switch up your look whenever you like. Match the streaks to your outfits or your eye makeup for a fun look. Clip a single hot pink streak to the side of your hair or place red and black streaks throughout your blond hair. Contrast bright streaks with your natural hair or add sunny blond streaks into your brown hair.

Ombre Style

For the fashion-forward crowd, ombre is definitely the way to go. This fade-out style is all over the runways and fashion magazines. In ombre style, hair streaks fade from dark at the roots to light at the tips. It works well with natural shades such as brown, which fades to blond, or even wilder colors like teal that fades to ice blue, or magenta that fades to cotton candy pink. For the streaks, concentrate the dye on the roots, then lightly draw the dye down to the tips. This gives you the softly fading look that is oh-so-hot right now.

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