The Difference Between Washing Jeans in Cold Water or Warm

The water temperature in which you wash your jeans can play a role in just how clean they become.

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Jeans are a staple in just about every gal's wardrobe. So it only makes sense to wash them so they'll have staying power. But not everyone knows which water temperature to use when helping your denim get its clean on. Some ladies wash their duds in cold water, while others choose the slightly hotter warm variety. Both have their advantages but also have a few differences in the results they produce.

Washing With Cold Water

Using cold water is about the gentlest way to wash your denim. The cool temperature doesn't shrink the material, like hot water can. Additionally, it does less damage to your jeans' color -- other water temperatures can make dark colors fade, which is particularly uncool if you want to keep your duds dark. Using cold water to wash your jeans is actually helpful to the environment, too, as it reduces the amount of energy you use because you don't have to use power to heat up the water. However, cold water doesn't do much in the way of sanitizing your jeans, so you can have some germs left on. You'll also have to use a detergent that is made for use in cold water.

Washing With Warm Water

Warm water can help your jeans get a little tidier than cold water can, but nasty germs can still hang around unless you add a sanitizer to your load. Warm water may also shrink the fabric a little, which is fine if you've lost a few pounds and want to show off your sexy bod. Although warm water is typically safe for colors, you increase your chances of fading by washing your jeans in the warm temperature.

How to Wash Your Jeans

The first time you get your jeans clean you'll want to wash them alone. Your jeans will likely lose a bit of their color, and you don't want it ending up on your other clothes, unless you are going for an all blue or black wardrobe. Only throw two or three pairs of jeans in the wash to prevent overloading your washer, which results in your jeans not getting as clean as they should. Choose whatever water temperature tickles your fancy, since you now know how the different temperatures work on the fabric.

Washing Frequency

Believe it or not, jeans do best when they are washed as little as possible. All that trauma the washing machine can put on the jeans can wear down the fabric. Washing your jeans once every two weeks is ideal, unless you get a dirty spot. In that case, you can spot clean your jeans or soak them in some water with a tiny bit of detergent added. Although you don't necessarily want to rock a pair of dirty jeans, you don't want to ruin them either; so use your best judgment in the frequency with which you wash them.

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