What Is the Difference Between Tourmaline & Ionic Hair Straighteners?

If it's tourmaline, then it's ionic.

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In a world where the beauty industry is constantly changing, a girl must keep up on the most common trends if her hair is to stand a chance. If you subject your mane to straightening on a regular basis, a hair straightener that causes the least amount of damage should be at the top of your list. The terms ionic and tourmaline are receiving a lot of attention. If you are wondering what all the buzz is about -- listen up.

Negative Ions

Hair that is dry, damaged or brittle is hair that contains electrically charged positive ions. An ionic straightener produces fine water molecules that contain negatively charged ions. These negative ions cancel out the positive ions, making your hair look healthier. The water molecules penetrate your hair with every sweep of the straightener, rehydrating and giving it a softer, sleeker appearance. While the plates of most ionic hair straighteners are ceramic, higher-end models sometimes contain a tourmaline coating.

The Semiprecious Flat Iron

If the plates of your hair straightener contain tourmaline, it means gemstones assist in the generation and even disbursement of heat -- no cold spots. In fact, the crushed, tourmaline gemstones make your hair straightener heat up three times faster than ordinary ceramic types, which means that you can get your hair straighter, faster. The tourmaline technology also means that you can achieve the straight look with less damage because tourmaline is a microporous material.


A tourmaline hair straightener and an ionic hair straightener have something in common -- the negative ions. While an ionic hair straightener doesn’t necessarily have to be made of tourmaline to emit negative ions, a tourmaline hair straightener always emits negative ions. What this means is that the semiprecious stones that make up tourmaline are naturally ionic or naturally produce a negative charge. So, if you are using a tourmaline hair straightener -- consider it ionic as well.

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose an ionic hair straightener with ordinary ceramic plates or plates made of tourmaline is a matter of personal choice. While they both produce the negative ions necessary to improve the look of your tresses, tourmaline has less chance of causing damage because it will distribute heat more evenly than ordinary ceramic. The price tag of each may be the deciding factor for you, with the tourmaline leading the pack in cost.

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