What Is the Difference Between Mousse & Scrunching Gel?

You should always choose your styling products based on hair type.

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So, you've stood in the hair product aisle, read the labels, but still can't figure out whether your hair needs mousse of scrunching gel. Don't sweat it. With so many different products to choose from, it's no wonder you have trouble picking the right one. Learn what both do and which one is right for your tresses.

What is Mousse?

Mousse is a foam styling product that creates volume and hold in your hair. It comes in various strengths from light-hold to extra-hold formulas, which you'll choose based on your hair type and how much hold your hairstyle needs. This product has been around for ages, and is a tried and true staple in most women's styling arsenal. This product can work for both air-dried and blow-dried hairstyles.

Who Should Use It

Mousse is fine hair's best friend. It's light weight, easy to use and is fabulous at creating volume and body in your hair. For medium-textured hair mousse can help hold a style, as well as help create hairstyles that require a little volume. Now, if you've got really thick or super-curly hair, mousse probably isn't the styling product for you. For one, even the strong-hold formulas probably don't have enough hold for your hair type, and thick hair doesn't really need help in the volume department.

What is Scrunching Gel

Scrunching gel is a specific kind of gel that's meant to help form and hold curls in your hair. It works best if you have at least some natural wave in your hair, so the scrunching gel has something to work with. It can come in your typical, thick gel form or in a spray-gel formula.

Who Should Use It

Scrunching gel is a must-have styling product if you plan on scrunching curls into your hair. For thicker hair types, you're going to want to use the thicker formula, but those with fine hair should stick with the spray-in type, which will give you the hold you want but won't weigh down your fine hair. Apply this formula to damp hair and, ideally, use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to create soft, well-formed curls without the frizz.

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