What Is the Difference Between Micro Braids & Invisible Braids?

Use micro braids to create long, thin braids.

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While micro braids and invisible braids share basic similarities, you can get totally different looks from these braiding techniques. Micro braids let you rock long braided extensions or use the braid as a base for free-flowing extensions, while invisible braids only let you have free-flowing extensions. See a trusted stylist to get these extensions done or put them in yourself if you've got braiding skills.

Micro Braids

Use micro braids to get a sweet braided hairstyle or to attach hair extensions. Micro braids use three strands, like the traditional three-strand braid, but the sections of hair are much smaller. Taking too much hair leads to bulky braids, while taking too little hair leads to thin, spindly braids. If you're braiding your own hair, braid from roots to the ends and secure the hair with a hair elastic.

Attaching Extension Hair

Select only one section of your natural hair if you're attaching extension hair by micro braiding. Separate out a section of bulk extension hair that matches the thickness of hair you just chose. Bring the extension hair up to your own, looping the top around your natural hair so 3 inches hangs down. This gives you three sections: Your natural hair in the middle, the short tail on the right and the long extension hair on the left. Braid these sections until you reach the end of the short tail and the natural hair is secure.

Invisible Braids

Invisible braids get their name because they help add extensions to your natural hair, while camouflaging the braid tracks. While you have a base of braids underneath, you'll appear to have only flowing locks. To create an invisible braid, set up your extension hair the same way you would for micro braids. Work a few rotations of braid, then let go of some of the hair so it hangs loose. Braid another couple rotations and let out more hair. Stop braiding when you reach the end of the short tail.


Whether you opt for micro braids or invisible braids, expect to wear your style for up to two months. With both invisible and micro braids, you may put your hair in ponytails and other updos or use hair clips. Choose either human or synthetic bulk hair for these braided extensions.

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