What Is the Difference Between Levi Signature Jeans & Levi Regular Jeans?

Regular Levi's use sturdier materials than the Signature line.

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Levi Strauss & Co. makes many kinds of jeans, including dENiZEN, classic Levi's and Levi's Signature jeans. Each brand has a slightly different fit, price range and target market, and is sold in a slightly different range of stores. Ordinary Levi's jeans are durable but come with higher price tags than the Signature line. Unlike the main Levi's line, Signature jeans are available in Walmart, K-Mart and other discount stores.


Conventional Levi's jeans cost more than products in the Signature line, with a mid-rise pair of women's boot cut jeans costing between $68 and $80 in the Levi's Web store as of January 2012. A similar style in the women's Signature line costs only $18.88 from Walmart's online store. According to the CIO financial website, Levi's launched the Signature line in 2003 as an attempt to get more sales from the discount market.


The main Levi's line focuses on jeans, but also includes jean leggings, shirts, sweaters, jackets, vests, skirts and shorts, as well as a small number of plain belts and other accessories. Regular Levi's jeans come in standard sizing and the new Curve ID line, which provides a better fit for women of different shapes but the same basic size. Signature jeans offer waist, mid-rise and low-rise cuts, with several different leg styles, but don't take curviness into account. This line also primarily includes jeans, with only a few accessories available.


You can buy regular Levi's jeans from the manufacturer's Web and outlet stores, as well as from Sears, Kohl's and other department stores. Signature jeans are targeted toward a different demographic, and are available from “big box” or discount stores such as Walmart, Meijer, Target and K-Mart. You can also buy Signature jeans from farm stores, such as Blain's Farm and Fleet. Most stores that sell one brand do not sell the other.


This Levi Strauss brand is also targeted toward discount stores, but is primarily marketed in Asia, including China, Korea, India, Singapore and Pakistan. These jeans are available in the United States only through Target, and sell at a slightly higher price point than Signature jeans. This jeans brand mostly focuses on young people and includes a number of very fashionable styles.

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