Difference Between Coarse & Fine Hair

Coarse and fine hair are about as different as you can get.

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The funny thing about hair texture is that women never seem to be satisfied with what they have. For instance, straight-haired gals often want curly locks and curly-haired women often want the ease that comes with styling straight hair. The same holds true for coarse and fine hair: ladies with coarse hair often want a break from their thick tresses, whereas women with thin hair would do just about anything to get full, voluminous manes. Fine and coarse hair are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to texture.

Coarse Hair

Coarse hair strands are super thick and sometimes dry and brittle. However, they typically hold curls and other styles like it's nobody's business. Coarse hair requires certain cuts to help it look its best. Gals with this hair texture can often find themselves with a terrible look when their coarse locks are also frizzy and then cut short. The look is almost reminiscent of a poodle that has a fluffy poof on its head. But gals with this texture are almost always blessed with thick manes that are worthy of a starring role in just about any shampoo commercial.

Fine Hair

Fine-haired foxes often feel like they weren't blessed by the beauty gods when it comes to hair texture. Super thin, fine hair typically lies flat and limp. These skinny strands don't do much in the way of holding any style and break uber-easily. Women with this type of texture typically look for ways to give their 'dos more volume, style and life.

Coarse Hair Tips

Layers can help your coarse hair chill out. Forget straight, blunt cuts as they usually only make your hair look too thick and unruly. Trimming your ends every six weeks or so seriously helps your mane look healthier and grow longer. Don't forget to deep condition your hair once or twice a week. Doing so puts moisture back into your mane, which helps it look shiny, happy and healthy.

Fine Hair Tips

Adding volume and life is the name of the game for fine hair. Working mousse through your mane -- especially on the roots -- can give it lift and volume. Additionally, short and heavy bangs give the illusion of a thicker coif, as do highlights and curly perms. And even though you may want long hair, skip it. This length only makes your hair look thinner and can even make your scalp show, which likely isn't the look you want. But the best advice of all, no matter what your hair's texture, is to embrace what you have and feel confident while rocking it. After all, there's nothing sexier than a gal who is comfortable with how she looks.

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