Difference Between a Brush & a Comb

To comb or to brush, that is the question.

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Forget bobby pins and hairbands -- combs and brushes are the "can't do without" hair accessory in your bathroom. They can make the difference between ruffled locks and a well-groomed head of hair. Every lady owns one -- or possibly both. Get the skinny on the difference between the two, and which one is tailor made for you.


The simplest way to define a comb is to say that it's a flat, rectangular hair accessory with teeth on one side. That makes it sound like there is one kind of comb, which is hardly true. Combs come in a dizzying variety. Snag one in plastic, wood or with metal teeth. The most common combs are rat tail combs that have a long handle, fine tooth combs with teeth that are close together and wide tooth combs that are usually large and have teeth that are spread farther apart.


If you think there are a ton of different combs, there are even more choices when it comes to brushes. Every gal knows a hair brush usually has a handle and is covered in bristles made of natural or synthetic materials like nylon or plastic. The most common brushes, and the ones you'll spot in the hair aisle at the drug store, include round brushes that have bristles all the way around, paddle brushes which are wide and flat, vent brushes that have widely spaced bristles and a vented backside, and cushion brushes which are round and massage the scalp.

Straight Hair

Ladies with straight locks can benefit from both combs and brushes. Which one you choose depends on how you're looking to style your hair. For general detangling and to increase blood circulation in your scalp, use a comb. Be careful though; combing wet hair can cause breakage. To make hair luxuriously shiny, employ your favorite brush. To get super sleek, flat hair, use a paddle brush. To snag locks with a little curl, dry your hair using a round brush. For general detangling and a little lift, blow dry your hair using a vented brush.

Curly Hair

Brushing dry curly locks is a big no-no. A brush can take curls from pretty ringlets to a frizzed out nightmare in seconds. Only use a brush on wet curls to detangle or to blow dry straight. Ladies with curls should rock a comb for their dry styling needs. Choose a wider tooth comb to part and style curls. To lift and separate curly locks use a pick.

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