Difference Between the Bob & Cap Hairstyles for Women

The cap hairstyle can flatter delicate features.

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The bob hairstyle is a sleek 'do that lets you show off lustrous locks. Clever divas adore this cut because it gives the perception of long hair, while showing off your eyes and lips as effectively as a shorter cut. The cap hairstyle -- also called the chop, the crop and the pixie -- is a short, precise haircut that manages to be both boyish and feminine at the same time. It takes some confidence to rock a cap cut, however; fearless babes only need apply.

Basic Bob

A healthy shine -- and proper blow-drying -- can show off the nifty lines of this haircut. Jonathan Soons, stylist at Headmasters Salon in Lawrence, Kansas, advises starting with the front and moving backwards. Roll sections around a round brush to blow-dry, then backcomb to boost volume as hair is cooling. Hair can be parted either at the center or to the side. A high-quality heat-activated volumizer -- which can put the brakes on frizz without weighing locks down -- is your best pal when styling a bob.

Bob Variations

You and your stylist can brainstorm to develop a bob that best suits your features. In the face-framing basic short bob, the hair falls to chin level, with tips curled under to follow the jawline. To get the look, towel-dry hair, apply mousse, and blow-dry with a round brush while flipping the ends under. Another option is the "bob with a fringe" -- side-parted hair that features swept-aside bangs that follow the lines of the longer hair at the bottom of cut. This look is best when you backcomb to get some volume at the crown. Go ahead and work that rattail!

Cap Hairstyle

The cap hairstyle is a super-short cut that hugs the shape of your head. Most stylists say that you can best rock this look if you have petite, symmetrical features, a trouble-free complexion and an oval-shaped face. That being said, rules are meant to be broken. Bottom line: If you can pull all the hair off your face and truly like the look, you're a candidate for the cap.

Cap Hairstyle Variations

Although the classic cap may be best left to beauties in their teen and 20s, adaptations of it can suit more mature stunners, as well. Celebrity hairstylist Toby Rundle at FOUR London advises softening the look by asking your stylist for a face-framing crop with a feathery outline. Adding height can also modify the starkness of the cap cut. You can lift hair by applying mousse to a diamond-shaped area at the crown of your head, blow-drying with a round brush and then backcombing. Putting highlights in your cap haircut can add dimension and give even more emphasis to lovely eyes or knock-'em-dead cheekbones.

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