Difference Between 3C & 4A Hair

Different hair types require different treatment.

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With so many different styles, lengths, textures and colors, hair falls into a variety of categories. Knowing which category your hair falls into can help you give it the best treatment.

3C Hair Characteristics

Type 3c hair is known for its soft, super-cute curls and is easily styled through blow drying or the use of ceramic straighteners. This hair type is silky and shiny yet remains springy if stretched. When 3c hair gets wet it can appear straight but always dries curly. Humidity can make this hair type frizzy and tighten the curls.

4A Hair Characteristics

Type 4a is very curly hair that easily creates the awesome Afro or Bohemian look. Type 4c hair has much tighter curls than 3c hair and maintains its rigid shape. This type of hair is less mutable and though it can be straightened chemically or with heat and made silkier, it tends to be more damaged by this process. Type 4a hair is not necessarily shiny but will have a nice sheen once it's healthy and moisturized.

3C Hair Treatment

Type 3c hair needs to be regularly moisturized to ensure it stays strong since a lack of moisture can lead to breaking and brittleness. The tight corkscrew curls must be untangled gently to avoid knotting the hair. If you have these types of curls you should de-tangle using a moisturizer or conditioner.

4A Hair Treatment

Type 4a hair needs to be cared for similarly to type 3c. This hair should also be de-tangled with a thick conditioner or moisturizer, though 4a hair does require more moisturizer than 3c. Type 4a is more fragile and must be cared for and managed as delicately as possible. Always blow dry without a comb since the heat will be enough stress for the hair. Letting it drip dry is ideal.

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