How to Detox the Skin With Epsom Salts

As you soak, rub some extra Epsom salt on areas that need extra exfoliation.

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Your body naturally gets rid of icky toxins and waste when you visit the bathroom. Even so, this doesn't detox you completely. Your body detoxes through your skin, too -- this is a super efficient method, because your skin is the largest organ you have. Sometimes, though, your skin needs a little help because of how much toxin is in your body. Epsom salts are an inexpensive way to give your skin a major beauty boost. So soak it, sister!


Mix 1 cup of Epsom salts, 1 cup of sea salt and 1 cup of sesame oil in a small bowl. Let your bath fill while you do this.


Stir your Epsom salt mixture into your bath. Epsom salts impact the flow of moisture from your body and may change your blood pressure, so don't get the water too hot. You shouldn't look like a lobster after being in the tub for a few minutes.


Turn on your favorite relaxing tunes and light some candles if you want to set a calming mood. There's no hard-and-fast rule as to what music someone finds relaxing, so if you find Bow Wow more calming than a harp and flute duo, don't sweat it. Just be yourself.


Soak in your bath for 15 to 20 minutes. Some manufacturers and websites say you can stay in the tub up to half an hour with Epsom salts, but by that time, you'll likely be pretty pruned up and want to get out anyway because the water is too cool.


Drain your tub and rinse off with lukewarm water.


Slather on the moisturizer while you're still wet. Epsom salts are dehydrating, so this keeps you from ending up with alligator skin.


Reach for a big glass of water. Epsom salts draw water out of your body as part of the detox process. You'll need to put that water back. Ideally, you should drink extra water beforehand (four to six hours pre-bath) and keep a glass near the tub to sip as you soak, too.

Things You'll Need


1.Epsom salts

3.Sesame or essential oils


7.Music (optional)

2.Sea salt


6.Candles (optional)


Tips & Tricks


Add Epsom salts to your favorite face cream for natural exfoliation. Rinse and pat dry.

The loss of water from your body in combination with the warmth of the bath probably will leave you relaxed but tuckered out. Plan your bath for the end of the day so you can converse with your pillow when you're done.

Epsom salts have a strong impact on the moisture in your skin and on blood pressure. If you have a heart condition or a skin condition like eczema, check with your doc or your dermatologist before going for your soak.


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