How to Determine Shoe Width for Extra Wide Feet

If you think your feet are extra wide, check the shoe width.

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There's no mistaking it, when it comes to your feet they're wider than the average girls. As long as you can find the perfect shoes for any occasion however, those double wide feet of yours are okay by you. But unless you're having your shoes custom made or you don't mind stuffing them into shoes that are way too narrow, you'll need to know how to determine the width of your feet from one retailer to another.


Take off your shoes and stand in your stocking feet on a blank sheet of paper.


Recruit a friend that doesn't mind getting up close and personal with your feet and ask them to use a pencil to outline your foot. If the idea of getting that close to your feet is enough to freak your friends out, or you'd just rather do it yourself, then sit down on a chair before placing your foot flat on the piece of paper.


Use the pencil to trace around your foot. Stay as close to your foot as possible while you're making the outline.


Measure your opposite foot on a separate, clean piece of paper.


Put your foot art on a desk, table or any flat surface where you can write easily and it can lie flat.


Grab a ruler or measuring stick and place it against the drawing. Use it to measure straight across the widest part of your foot on both of the outlines.


Look at the measurements for each foot. Between your two feet, one will likely be wider or generally larger than the other. No worries, there's nothing wrong with your foot -- it's normal. Use the widest measurement as your guide for determining the width of your extra wide feet.


Take your measurements to a shoe store and look them up in their size conversion charts. If you're doing your shoe shopping online, look for the page with the size charts. Locate your shoe size and then move across to your correct width measurement. The width of the shoes will be marked as a WW, EW, EE or EEE.


Try on several different pairs of extra wide shoes to ensure that the width is correct. Because the thickness and girth (yes, your foot has girth) of your foot affects the way the shoes will fit on your feet and each manufacturer makes their shoes differently, the actual width that you need may vary from one shoe brand to another.

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