How to Determine Your Shade of Revlon ColorStay

Matching your foundation to your jawline ensures flawless coverage.

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Revlon ColorStay is a well-known "extended wear" foundation that comes in 12 to 16 different shades, depending on the variety. If you're wondering whether your skin is Ivory, Natural Tan or Toast, you're not alone. The marketing words used to describe foundation shades are a little silly and often don't match your preconceived notions of what color your skin is. So, head to a drugstore or department store that stocks ColorStay in a variety of shades, and get ready for some trial and error -- testing any foundation before you buy is the best way to ensure a flawless face later on.


Check out the skin on your jawline and upper neck. It might seem like a weird place to match a foundation to, but you really need to pay attention to this area in order to avoid the dreaded "line of demarcation." If you match your foundation to the skin there, it'll blend well into your skin tone and make the whole thing look effortless.


Hold a few bottles of ColorStay up to your jawline and pick the three shades that seem closest. Keep your skin tone in mind. If it's warm, go for shades that have a golden-yellow quality to them (or chocolate-brown if you're dark-skinned); if it's cool, look for neutral shades with a bit of a pink quality.


Use the tester bottles and a clean sponge or cotton swab to apply a bit of your three trial shades to your jawline area.


Get into some natural light if you can -- fluorescent lights can affect how makeup looks on your face -- and check yourself out in a mirror. Which shade seems to disappear into your skin or is the closest possible match? That's the one for you.

Things You'll Need


1.Cotton swab or makeup sponge



Tips & Tricks


Can't find a shade of ColorStay that matches your skin exactly? Use the closest shade and mix it with a little tinted moisturizer. You'll still get great coverage while avoiding that obvious "she's wearing makeup" look.


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