How to Determine If a Platinum Ring Is Real

When all else fails, take your ring to the jeweler to determine if it's platinum.

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You can't go platinum if you're wearing tin -- it'd be like trying to spin a hit record with songs about taxes and public policy meetings. Don't dream in platinum and wake to a cheap-metal reality. Check that stuff out before you dip into your bank account -- it may not be easy, but it's better than losing a bundle on something you could make from foil. Your days of fake metal and plastic rings are over, gorgeous. This isn't your first dance with your first boyfriend promising to love you forever over a pink plastic ring and fruit punch.


Buy a huge magnet -- something with a lot of pull. If a magnet doesn't go with your look, just throw it in your purse. A fashionista with know-how can't find the right jewelry without the right tools.


Hold the platinum near the magnet. Platinum isn't magnetic. It shouldn't shoot toward the magnet like you toward a sample sale. If it does? Ditch it.


Cup the jewelry in your hand. Hold something of a similar size -- like gold or silver -- in your other hand. Platinum is super heavy. If it's lighter than gold or silver, it's not platinum.


Look for a platinum quality mark on the piece of jewelry you're examining. The marks vary -- think day eyeshadow versus work eyeshadow -- but they should have the letter "P" or the word "platinum" and a number out of 1,000. The number 1,000 means it's pure platinum. Does it say 999? That means 999 parts platinum, and so on.


Ask a jeweler. Hey, there are some things a girl isn't trained to do, no matter how clever she is. A real woman knows when to ask for help and, in the case of platinum, it's a good thing to do -- especially with the big price tag on platinum jewelry.

Things You'll Need


1.Strong magnet


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