The Best Detergent for Bras

Wash your delicates with care to help them last.

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A great bra keeps your style together smoothly and comfortably. So why not return the favor, and wash your bra the right way with the best detergent you can find. Whether you wash it in the sink or toss it into your hamper to hit the laundromat after work, use the right suds to care properly for your favorite bra.

Mild Detergents

Your bra tends to trap and hold perfume, sweat and natural salts from your body. "Real Simple" magazine suggests washing your unmentionables in a zippered mesh bag with a mild, all-purpose detergent. You can do this for cotton or synthetic materials. Air dry to avoid pull and tear on your bras.

For Finer Fabrics

Turn to delicate-specific detergents for your lingerie, and toss your fine-fabric bras in the washing machine on a low and gentle cycle. Avoid washing them with heavier items; wash them by themselves or with other delicate fabrics such as slips and panties. Woolite, Ivory Snow, Forever New Fabric Care Wash and Lingerie Mate are all detergents made specifically for gentle fabrics.

Hand Washing

Give your bras the VIP treatment, and handle them with extra care. "Real Simple" suggests saving time by taking your bras with you in the shower and washing them with a baby shampoo that's gentle on fabrics. Use a pea size amount to gently wash after each use; allow them to air dry.

Shaping Up

Don't just bunch up your bras and toss them in the wash, even when you're short on time. Janelle Kenny, marketing director of Sol Lingerie, recommends that to keep your bras in great shape in the washing machine, hook the backs and put them in a lingerie bag. Never put your bras in the dryer. The heat damages the elasticity. Kenny recommends Forever New Fabric Care Wash, a gentle, citrus based soap, for an efficient clean.

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