Designs & Styles for a Glue-In Hair Weave

Synthetic hair can be used to make long, stylized braids

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When you're sick of damaging your hair with relaxing and tired of waiting for your short hair to grow into long, gorgeous tresses, a glue-in hair weave is a fix for all your hair woes. It allows you to try a different, straighter style while still protecting your natural hair; forget harsh straighteners and chemical relaxers that damage locks. Weaves come in many different styles -- they can be glued into your hair or sewn into your hair. Glue-in weaves are extraordinarily popular because you can apply them at home -- though, you're increasing your risk for mistakes and damage if you don't go to a salon. Consider the style, type and design of the weave before choosing.

Synthetic Braids

A synthetic weave isn't made from natural fibers, but if you're looking for braided dreads or even smaller, easy to manage braids, a synthetic weave trumps natural hair because it's easily kept in place. Unfortunately, if you're looking to wear your hair down, you won't want synthetic hair. It doesn't have the same volume or flow as natural hair, so it will look like your wearing a weave. The goal a weave is to have a natural looking, new style even if the hair is synthetic, so stick with braids if you're not wearing natural fibers.

Slick, Straight Bob

Weaves allow you to have straight hair without having to straighten it, which is why many women pull a 180 in style and opt for a slick, ultra-straight bob. This dramatic cut shows off the frizz-free, smooth texture of a glue-in weave, which typically lays flatter than a weave that's sewn in. Make sure your bob falls at chin length for a dramatic effect that lengthens the look of your neck and shows off your jawline.

Long Waves

Long, frizz-free, smooth waves that seem like they'd only be attainable through extreme straightening then curling or a body wave perm (all of which can be ultra damaging) are extremely attainable through the use of a glue-in weave. If you want long waves, make sure your weave is made from human hair. A curling iron melts synthetic fibers and completely ruins your weave. Make sure you deep condition your hair after using a curling iron because natural hair weaves get dry faster than regular hair because they aren't exposed to the same oils and nutrients as your real hair.

Bangs and Braids

Bangs and braids are a funky look that can be achieved through the use of a synthetic or natural weave. Use your natural hair for the bangs -- this way you can style, straighten and blow-dry without any worry of melting hair, but make sure to apply a heat protecting spray first or you can still damage your natural hair. Glue your synthetic weave to the strands in the back of your head and the sides -- but leave some face-framing layers -- and braid them into long, gorgeous braids.

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