How to Decorate Ladies' Hats

Up the ante on your hat's cute quotient by decorating it with a cute piece of fabric.

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Some hats are awesome on their own, but others need a bit of tweaking. You may not know that right off the bat, but if you're wearing your stlyin' hat and something seems to be missing, perhaps a few decorative touches are in order. It's not difficult to decorate a hat -- in fact, it's often quite enjoyable, as you are creating a one-of-a-kind accessory, while using your imagination. With the help of a few items, you can have a fashionable hat that looks chic and is an expression of your creativity.


Wrap a piece of fabric around the crown -- the part of the hat that actually sits down on your head. Arrange this fabric to sit right where the crown and the brim meet. It's time to get creative when choosing fabric to adorn your hat. If you're feeling bold, go with an animal print. If not, a simple one-toned fabric does the trick. Use hot glue to attach the fabric to the hat. Place a fake flower, broach or whatever looks good to you at the spot where the fabric ends meet each other.


Glue feathers to the side, front or back of the hat. Arrange two or three so that they stand straight up and are close together, then glue their ends to the hat. Glue a flower, bow or similar object in front of the spot where the feathers are glued to block the ends from view. To really get wild, glue a feather boa around the crown of the hat. Make sure you choose a particularly bold color, like hot pink, to stand out even more.


Find a few fake flowers that suit your hat and hot glue them on there. A large flower with smaller flowers placed on either side creates a nice design, as does arranging a single row totally around your hat, at the intersection of the brim and the crown.


Place a smaller hat on top of a larger hat. This nifty little trick not only gives your larger hat an updated look, but still allows you to wear both hats again, since they won't be damaged by combining them.

Things You'll Need



3.Hot-glue gun

5.Fake flowers


4.Feather boa

6.Small hat


Tips & Tricks


Have a little fun and get festive with your hats. For instance, adorn your head jewelry with red, white and blue flowers if you're feeling patriotic. Additionally, pine cones and red or green ribbon make for a sweet Christmas hat.


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