How to Deal With an Itchy and Flaky Scalp When You Have a Weave

Calm your itchy weave and get on with your day.

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You can have the most beautiful weave that anyone has set eyes on, but if you are itching and scratching like there is no tomorrow, it can be a real turnoff. Especially if all that scratching is ripping up your scalp, causing dry skin flakes to coat the weave and your clothes. An itchy scalp only gets itchier the more you scratch! Deal with the itching by giving your scalp some TLC.


Wash your hair before getting a weave. A diluted clarifying shampoo (half water to half shampoo) will help get rid of styling product buildup on your hair and scalp, which can often lead to itchiness and flaking later on.


Soak the weave before you put it in your hair. An itchy, flaky scalp can be a sign of allergic reactions. Some synthetic weaves such as those made of Kanekalon contain a coating that makes them shiny. You can remove this coating by soaking the weave in 1 gallon of water with 1 cup of white vinegar for 15 minutes.


Cut down on shampooing if itch and flakes are a problem. Too much shampooing can dry out your hair and scalp. Shampooing once a week with a clarifier is sufficient; more than that is asking for trouble.


Spray your hair and scalp with a braid spray in between shampoos. Nope -- a braid spray isn't just for braids! Weaves and extensions alike can benefit from a braid spray, which will leave your natural hair, scalp and artificial hair moisturized.


Limit your use of styling products if you are experiencing an itchy, flaky scalp. This is especially true if you are using products that contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out your scalp, which may be why you are feeling that crazy itch.


Deep condition your hair once a week. Slather the deep conditioner on your scalp and leave it there for 15 minutes. Rinse the deep conditioner away with a cool water rinse. The deep conditioner will moisturize your scalp and help soothe the itch.


Pat your weave when you feel the itch. Try your best not to scratch! Nasty flakes are not the only side effect of scratching. Too much scratching can hurt your scalp, causing cuts and lacerations. This can lead to infection! Pat your scalp with the palm of your hand when you get the itch that you just need to scratch!

Things You'll Need


1.Clarifying shampoo

3.Alcohol-free stylers

2.Braid spray

4.Deep conditioner


Tips & Tricks


If you absolutely, positively, without a doubt must scratch, use the pads of your fingertips and not your nails! Rub lightly with your fingertips, working your way around the weave.

Have the weave removed immediately if the itching is out of control or if your scalp begins to burn or turn red. If the symptoms continue, seek medical attention.


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