How to Darken Hair Highlights

A semi-permanent color makes a great toner and is gentler than permanent color.

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Did you go for highlights and end up with streaks on steroids? If your highlights went too light, don't freak out. Darkening those highlights to a more natural shade is super easy. For a subtle highlighted look (that's where it's at these days, girl) try and make sure your highlights are only two or three shades lighter than your base color.


Pick out a semi-permanent hair color that is the color you want your new highlights to be. Assuming you don't want to banish those highlights for good, don't go any lighter than two or three levels from what your highlights are right now.


Mix the color up, in a color bottle, according to the product directions. Shake that bottle up but good, baby, to make sure the color and developer is totally blended. Don't forget to don some latex gloves to protect your manicure.


Apply the color all over your hair, from root to tip. Don't be afraid to really drench that hair with the color. It's a semi-permanent so it's not gong to affect your base color, as long as you didn't go and pick a color darker than your base color.


Let the color sit on your hair for 20 minutes to darken those crazy-light highlights. When the time is up rinse the color out and apply a moisturizing conditioner to seal the deal. Rinse and fall in love with your new, toned highlights. Good job, girl!

Things You'll Need


1.Semi-permanent hair color


2.Latex gloves

4.Hair conditioner


Tips & Tricks


If your highlights are white-blonde pick a beige or golden-based semi-permanent color to put some tone and substance into those washed-out highlights.

If your highlights are already really, really golden or brassy, do not apply another gold-based color. Instead grab an ash-based color to tone out some of that excess gold.


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