How to Get Dark Marks Off of Dark Skin

Don't let skin discoloration leave its mark. Fight back with daily beauty treatments.

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Your personal beauty statement marks the spot when your sassy hairstyle is in place, slinky dress fits perfectly and daring makeup has pizzazz. But when marks on your dark skin stand out, your fashion reputation can take a hit. Don't let dark marks take the fab out of your fashion flair and rich skin tone! Highlight your dark skin by getting rid of skin flaws, keeping your sassy beauty statement in line.


Wash away imperfections twice daily with a moisturizing, mild cleanser. Gently scrub on cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt build up. Avoid excessive scrubbing -- the harder you scrub, the more it could irritate breakouts and sensitive skin, causing even more marks on your silky skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and a washcloth. Dark skin may mask a smudge of dirt here or there, so make sure excess oil is long gone by following up with a liquid toner and moisturizer with SPF protection.


Apply sunscreen regularly each day. Your dark skin may already look sun-glistened, but it still needs protection to blend in dark marks and even up your skin tone. If your skin is oily and acne prone, opt for an oil-free sunscreen lotion to prevent blemish blunders from stealing the spotlight from your bodacious beach bod.


Ward off dark marks by applying an anti-aging cream to your problem areas. According to Dermnet NZ, wrinkle and anti-aging creams with alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C and retinoids can eliminate dark marks from aging and sun damage. Use according to package directions to ensure that the cream is appropriate for your dark skin type. Consult with your dermatologist if your skin is dry and scaly, though -- these chemicals may be too harsh for your skin.


Peel off not-so-fabulous flaws with a professional chemical peel. Skin peels remove layers of damaged skin cells and dead skin from dark skin. Check with your dermatologist to see if this procedure will help remove dark marks on dark skin that are cramping your sassy style.


Lighten up dark marks on dark skin with laser light therapy. A dermatologist can target dark spots and uneven skin tones by adding heat, color and light to those problem areas.

Things You'll Need




5.Chemical peel

2.Mild cleanser

4.Anti-aging cream



Tips & Tricks


Blend in dark marks temporarily by adding a dab of light concealer to your skin. If the marks have you seeing red, opt for a green-tinted concealer underneath your makeup.

Determine the cause before treatment. Skin discoloration may appear due to a health condition or even sun damage. Find out the cause to treat properly.


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