What Are the Dangers of False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes come with a few hidden dangers.

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It might seem like the only danger of your fabulous falsies is knocking someone out with the beauty of an eye bat. However, the danger is a bit more real than that. Sure, falsies give you that length and fullness you only see in the Photoshopped versions of your favorite women's magazine ads. However, there a few ways in which these super fab extensions can harm your eyes.

Ripping Out Natural Lashes

When you are pulling off the falsies, you may accidentally pull off your natural lashes too. This, of course, depends on how much glue you've used and how hard you are pulling, but it is a danger if you want to keep the natural lashes you've got under the fake ones. The remedy is to pull gently when you are removing your fake lashes and use the minimal amount of glue to hold them in place.

Glue Adhesive In Eyes

Gluing on those false eyelashes can be tricky and downright aggravating. They never seem to stay in place and the glue seems to get everywhere, causing quite a mess. Sometimes, the glue can get in your eyes, causing them to get extremely irritated. In fact, depending on how sensitive your eyes are, the glue can cause an eye infection, which can be painful and lasting.

Traction Alopecia

They might feel light as a feather, but falsies actually put tension on the hair shaft of your real lashes. This means that after too extensive a period of wearing the fakes, your real eye lashes might rebel and begin to fall out. Once this happens, there is a good chance that they won't grow back. And while you can resume wearing the falsies, they simply don't work as good as the real deal.

Lessened Filtering Ability

Believe it or not, your natural lashes serve a purpose; they keep dust and other impurities out of your eye. If they are covered underneath the larger, fake versions, particularly if those lashes are synthetic, your eyes may not get the filtration they need. And you will know it, when your eyes get easily irritated, red or watery because of the amount of dirt and dust getting into them.

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