Cute Ways to Wear a Floral Hair Clip

Look flirty with a floral hair clip.

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Whether it's a sizzling summer day or a chilly winter evening, add a flirty floral touch to your hairstyle. The unexpected pop of color brightens your entire outfit. Floral hair clips work in short, medium and long hair, so you really have no excuses. Get creative! Amp up your next 'do with some colorful faux petals.

Sexy Accent

If you're headed out for an evening with your significant other, use a floral hair clip to make a sexy statement. Let your hair flow with the exception of a small swatch just above one of your ears. Pin the hair back with a faux rose floral clip just above the top of your ear. Style the hair on the opposite side so it nearly flows over your eye, giving your hairstyle a coy yet sexy look. As a bonus, this helps elongate the look of a round face.

Embellished Ponytail

For a playful look, add an oversized mum- or carnation-inspired floral hair clip to the top of a high ponytail. Once the hair gets secured with an elastic hair tie, slip the clip into the hair just above the tie so it won't slide down your hair. For a tropical look, sweep your hair back into a low ponytail pulled to the side. Attach a faux hibiscus floral hair clip to hide the elastic tie. Position the clip so the flowers sit on your shoulder, just below your ear.

Beautiful Bun

Whether you like your hair buns loose and slightly tousled, or perfectly sculpted, add a floral accent. Choose tiny floral clips boasting one single bloom each. For a summer look, tuck a simple daisy clip into the bun and allow a few stray strands of hair to flow free. Position the clip slightly off center for a whimsical feel. For a formal gathering use multiple tiny teacup rose clips to create a halo of flowers around the bun.

Ultimate Accessory

Get crafty and use your favorite floral hair clip to embellish more than your hair. Add a flirty accent to a solid-colored sundress by clipping the hair piece to the dip in a V-neck bodice. Or, secure the clip to the front of a skinny belt to create an uncommon belt buckle. Floral hair clips look cute clipped on the chest pocket of a delicate cardigan or on the edge of a neck scarf. Go ahead and get crafty. You can't let your hair have all the fun.

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