Cute Ways to Organize Scarves

You've got the scarves; now you just need a cute way to organize them.

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Scarves are one of the funnest and most versatile accessories to have around. Whether you've just started building your collection or you've got a pile of scarves to show for yourself, you want to create a place to store your scarves where you can display them properly. This not only gets rid of clutter in your space but also makes it a lot easier to pick and choose when you're trying to decide on just the right scarf for your latest outfit.

Lay Them Down

Laying your scarves down to store them is a pretty basic move, for good reason: It allows you to see them all, and it's easy to do. Lay them one on top of another -- most scarves are pretty thin, so you shouldn't have any trouble including lots of scarves in one pile -- and keep starting a new stack each time one gets quite high. Don't make the piles too high, otherwise it'll be too much of a hassle when you want to pull one out. Jenga, anyone?

Hang Them Up

Hang your scarves up on hooks in your closet on pins or little hooks screwed into the wall. That's a more permanent fixture, but it does mean your scarves are secure and viewable. You can add a few scarves to each hook if you need to save space. This is a fun, cute way of storing your scarves; it also makes it easy to pick out the right one for any ensemble.

Roll Them Up

Rolling your scarves up to get them out of the way until you need them is a wonderful way to store them. Clear out a drawer in your dresser or vanity and roll one scarf up, jellyroll-style. Place it in lengthwise so you can see the top of the rolled scarf, then add the rest into place. This not only saves a lot of space but is one of the methods that allows you to most easily see each different scarf and not have to make a mess of everything to take one out.

Pin Them Up

Pinning your scarves up is an idea. Make a couple of small clotheslines in one corner of your closet and use clothespins or clips to hang each scarf up. This is a unique idea; whether you have a walk-in closet -- you lucky girl, you -- or just a small space for your wardrobe, it's unique, interesting and keeps your room from getting cluttered and covered by scarves. It also means your scarves stay wrinkle-free.

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