Cute Outfits to Wear With Colored Tights

Colored tights can be part of a fun fashion statement.

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The hosiery section has been taken over by color, but figuring out what outfits work with which tights can be an exercise in confusion. Pair the wrong colors and you might end up looking more clownish than cool. It’s not too difficult to pull off a pair of colored nylons, and there are plenty of different, perfectly acceptable ways to wear these trendy tights. As long as you take care to treat them as another fashion accessory that needs to be matched to just the right outfit, you’ll look like a fashion pro instead of a fashion disaster.

Bright and Colorful

One way to rock a pair of brightly colored tights is to match it exactly to the rest of the outfit you’re wearing. This only works if the shades are the same, though, so don’t pair a lemon-yellow dress with banana-yellow tights and expect good results. The alternative is to use your tights as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral color scheme or to add a bright accent to your outfit. Pairing plum tights with a pastel pink ensemble or bright red tights with a black curve-hugging dress and chunky black heels are two ways to work your colored-tights look.

Perfect Patterns

When you add patterns on top of color, things can go from fun to frightening rapidly, so tread those crazy patterns with care. If you want to wear a pair of polka-dot tights or slip on some neon stripes, make sure the rest of your outfit indicates that the look is completely intentional. Choose a fun denim miniskirt and a white or black top to go with your wild tights, or layer on some vintage pieces or accessories to create a funky ensemble that shows off your creative side.

Subtle Shades

If you aren’t quite ready to pull off a pair of neon orange or multicolor-striped tights, you can still add a little oomph to any outfit with some neutral colors on your legs. Brown, gray and navy tights add a little extra flair while still being subtle enough to work with that trusty blazer and skirt combo you wear to job interviews. Long skirts, sweater dresses and neutral tunics all look great with tights in matte colors. Tweeds and plaids also look good with opaque, dark-colored tights.

White Tights

White tights can be tricky, since they draw the eye in a way subtle colors don’t but aren’t as obviously purposeful as flashy colors. Like bright colors, the key with white is to keep everything else neutral and monotone, like a black or gray knee-length skirt and a pair of suede boots. If your white tights still seem like they are drawing too much attention to your lower half, you can offset the effect with a white scarf or hat that balances out your look without becoming overpowering.

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