Cute Hairstyles With Weave Buns

Taraji P. Henson rocks a sassy side weave bun on the red carpet.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever reach that point when you change up hair styles so much, you lack inspiration on what to do next? When this happens, you may need to try something completely different. A weave ponytail or sophisticated bun is a quick fix that adds tons of style and class to your look. A bun, in particular, is elegant and chic and can be the center of several different hairstyles.

High Bun

Become the picture of elegance and sophistication with a weave bun high on your head. A bun hairpiece is all one piece that attaches to your natural bun for ease and convenience. To get the desired effect, slick your natural hair back into a bun just above the crown. Attach the weave bun to your natural hair by wrapping the loose piece of hair on the bun hairpiece around your natural bun. This creates a simple but stunning hairstyle.

Side Curl

Getting ready for an evening out and haven't the slightest clue as to what to do to your hair? Add a little muss and a whole lot of style with a side bun using a few added weave extensions. Sweep your hair to the side and create a small, natural messy bun. Then, attach hair extensions at the base of your side bun and wind the excess hair around your own messy bun to create a much fuller style. Allow a few tendrils of your natural hair to hang loosely on the other side for added balance.

Low Bun With A Twist

Go with a lower bun and add a fun twist with a braid around it. Pull your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Attach a few hair extension pieces just under the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin. Then, wrap the entire thing into a sleek and simple bun and secure with more hair pins at the base of the bun. The smoother you can get the entire bun, the more elegant it will look. Once secure, wrap a braided piece of weave around the entire bun to add an extra dose of style to a simplified low bun.

Additional Tips

It's imperative that the color of the weave for your bun matches the natural hue of your hair -- unless you're going for an obviously dramatic difference. For example, it's not cute when the weave in your bun is black and your natural hair is dark brown; it looks as though you mistakenly bought the wrong hue. However, if your weave bun is blonde and your hair is jet black, the contrast is obvious; the look is funky and eclectic.

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