Cute Hairstyles for Blond Hair With Brown Under-Shadows

Go for a two-layer haircut like Cat Deeley sported in New York City.

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If you're sporting dual-tone hair with blond coloring on the top and brown hair that peeks out from beneath as an under-shadow, choosing the right haircut is essential. To get the most out of your two-tone hair, opt for styles that offer the effect you're looking for -- whether you want peek-a-boo brown strands that barely show through your blond top layers, or a bold contrast from dark to light, there's a cut that has your desires covered.

Two Layers

Whether you go for a super-long length or a long bob, if you're in the mood to play up the contrasting shades in your hair, opt for two main layers. Visualize yourself with hair that falls just above your shoulders. Your stylist can leave your brown hair underneath as one layer while cutting the blond on top to a layer that ends near your jawline. Your brown under-layers will be on display for all to see while barely peeking through your blond tresses as you work your way up.

Bangs with Long Layers

When part of your goal is a glowing, super-light appearance on top that fades to a darker color below, go all out with the in-your-face blond. Start with a full set of long, fringed bangs that hang over your eyebrows. Ask your stylist to create long layers throughout your hair from your jawline down to length at least several inches past your shoulders. Your hair will appear super-blond on top and then will gradually begin mixing with your dark under-shadows as you near your shoulders.

Medium Cut with Layered, Choppy Ends

If you're looking for a more subtle style that allows your brown under-shadows to peek through your blond hair, start with a medium hairstyle so your interesting color isn't lost as it cascades down your back. Go for a length a couple inches past your shoulders. Ask your stylist to leave your hair mostly one length, but to create choppy layers toward the ends of your blond locks within the final few inches. Your brown hair will peek out for a soft effect.

Pompadour Cut

For a woman into bold color as well as bold styles, opt for a pompadour cut. This look is super versatile. Imagine you ask your stylist to cut your hair super-short on the sides and back while leaving the top long enough to reach your cheekbones. Go with blond for the longer top layers and brown on your tapered hair. When you're in the mood for contrast, sweep your hair to one side or wear it in a pompadour style. On days when you want to look like a classic all-blond bombshell, part your hair and cover up the brown under-shadow -- amazing.

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