Cute Blond Hairstyles in Ponytails


Ladies, how many mornings have you just decided to chuck all of the fussing with your hair and opt for a chic ponytail instead? As American as apple pie and just as enduring, a ponytail is a hairstyle staple that works for practically any occasion. Use a variety of ways to create a ponytail to reflect your personal style and lifestyle. Since blond hair is the most-envied and coveted hue, there are bound to be numerous ponytail styles to flaunt the faint shade.


Perhaps the easiest to achieve and definitely the most understated, blond hair fashioned into a sleek ponytail is equal parts chic and polished. Blond hair naturally commands attention regardless of style, but rocking a fierce, sleek ponytail is a nice way tone it down just a little. The essential element of a sleek ponytail is hair that is incredibly smooth and straight, without a single strand out of place. The most-popular placement is at the nape, but you can position it however you like, as long as it's flawless. Quick tip: For a finishing touch, take an inch-wide section of hair, wrap it around your elastic band and then secure it with hair pins.


Feminine, flirty and totally versatile, a ponytail expertly swept to one side is easy to achieve and flatters blond hair flawlessly. Whether you opt to wear it straight, with texture or fashionably messy, a side ponytail always succeeds in adding a nice touch of glam to any hair type, especially blond hair. The positioning varies, as you can opt for one that is directly underneath the ear or a style that is slightly more angled. Quick tip: For a bit of a romantic touch, let a few strands loose so that they frame your face.


High on style and glamour, a high ponytail is deliberate and complementary to blond hair. A high-ponytail hairstyle is also a fabulous way to show off your beautiful face and its structure. While you can easily incorporate bangs of various styles into the high ponytail, it looks best when it doesn't include them because then there is no distraction to your face or your blond tresses. For you dramatic ladies, don't be afraid to experiment with extensions to achieve a super-long ponytail that's runway ready. For a more-modest look, flip the ends of your high ponytail or add a subtle wave or curl pattern.


Everything old is new again, a sentiment that also applies to hairstyles. When you hear the term bouffant, visions of little old ladies may dance through your head, but it is much more than an overdone, circular shape of hair. A bouffant ponytail is retro and extremely fashionable -- seen on runways, in magazines and framing the faces of your favorite celebs. Honestly, nothing is as fabulous as a blond bouffant, especially when styled the right way. A bouffant is hair that is severely teased and shaped to form a rounded shape and then placed in a ponytail that can be positioned at the nape, side or middle of the head. Quick tip: Add a dose of vintage glamour and incorporate a side-swept bang.

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