Cute Bandana Hairstyles

With a bandana, you can go Western chic with a decidedly retro twist.

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A bandana is a fabulous hair accessory that allows for styling versatility. Having a bad hair day? Use a bandana to cover those unruly locks. Channeling your inner cowgirl for a Western chic look? A bandana fits right in with your style scheme. Since a bandana is a perfect accent piece, have a bunch of colors and patterns on hand to add the perfect touch to your a variety of looks. A square knot usually works best when tying a bandana.


If you don't have time to fuss with your hair, a bandana is definitely one way to go. Create a triangle with the bandana and then set it on top of your head, with the straight edge at the hairline. Allow the triangle portion to lay on your hair, covering most of it, and then tie the long ends of the bandana underneath your hair at the neckline.

Happy Headbanding

Jazz up an otherwise boring hair day by tying on a bandana. Fold it on the bias into one long rectangle. Sit it on the top of your head, just before the crown of your head, and tie it underneath your hair. Then, style your hair in a simple style, allowing it to flip out with a retro twist, or curl under in a sweet but sassy schoolgirl style.

Ponytail Accessory

Sometimes, nothing but a ponytail will do in terms of how your hair is willing to behave. However, this can be a somewhat boring style, unless you use a hair accessory to add some interest. You can interweave a bandana into a braided ponytail for a Western chic theme, or fold it into a rectangle, wrap it twice around your ponytail and finish it with a knot on the top of your ponytail.

Up and Around

If you want to go retro with your bandana hairstyle, then do the opposite of the cover-up. Place the triangle portion underneath the hair and tie it up and around, with a small knot at the crown of your head. Then, curl your hair and tease it a bit to create a curly top that peeks out from underneath the bandana.

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