How to Cut Women's Hair With Clipper Attachments

Use clippers on short cuts like Halle Berry's, shown at the 2011 FiFi Awards.

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hair clippers let you quickly and accurately touch up short haircuts, from pixies like Halle Berry's to buzz cuts like Alek Wek's. The first time you DIY clipper cut it can be scary, but a blade guard prevents any accidents and it definitely gets easier! Work in front of a mirror and in good light to have success.


Select the right clipper blade for your look. Blades go from No. 1 to 8, with the shortest No. 1 leaving 1/8 inch of hair and the longest No. 8 leaving 1 inch. If you're not sure what to do, tell your stylist you need to maintain your look at home and ask what clipper blade to use.


Begin with dry hair, since wet hair clogs and rusts clipper blades. Turn the clipper on, making sure the blade guard is in place to prevent you from cutting yourself.


Clean up the neckline first. Rock your hand back and forth in small strokes, pushing up toward the crown of the head. The hair will fall away. When you finish, comb the hair down and check for any spots you missed. Clean them up before continuing.


Transition up toward the ear. Hold the ear down with your free hand, and push the clippers up in the same way. Again, check your work and touch up missed spots.


Switch to a longer blade once you've got the black and ears cleaned up, to allow for more length on the sides and crown of the head. This length can be twisted up, a fave styling technique of Halle Berry. Work toward the crown of the head the same way until you've cut all the hair at the back and sides. Of course, you don't have to switch to a longer blade if you want hair all one length.


Pull bangs away from your face. Holding a 1-inch section of bangs with your free hand, touch the clipper blade directly to the hair to remove it. Trim your way across the bangs.


Tousle or comb the hair to shake out loose hairs. Inspect the cut one final time and make any adjustments.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair clippers and blade set



Tips & Tricks


Since you're cutting the hair dry, what you see is what you get. Your locks won't shrink up, so take this into account when judging length.


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