How to Cut Your Own Hair Upside Down

Turning it upside down creates layers and lets you see what you're doing.

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It may sound crazy, but cutting your hair upside down creates long layers. Not only can you add layers while the blood rushes to your head, you can also see what you're doing. No, it's not the rush of blood that makes the cut clearer, it's the simple fact that you can see the ends of your hair. Instead of holding the hair up as high as you can and trying to snip the ends at your arms' farthest reach, relax. Flip your head over and start cutting.


Grab a spray bottle, fill it with warm water and spray your hair until it is good and wet. Comb your hair straight down, parting it in the middle.


Keep your hair combed straight down for now and trim off the very bottom edges all the way around.


Tilt your head forward and flip your hair over your head. Comb your hair up over the back of your head and forward on the sides until you can see all of your hair in front of your eyes.


Comb the hair together in a point. Clamp it all together with the first two fingers of your left hand. Pick up the scissors with your right hand.


Cut off a few inches with the scissors. Flip your hair back over and check the cut. If you want more layers, flip it all over again and take off a couple more inches.

Things You'll Need


1.Spray bottle




Tips & Tricks


Use sharpened hair-cutting shears to cut your hair. Any other type of scissor will chew up the ends of your hair, leaving you with unsightly split ends. Split ends are already easy enough to come by -- you don't need to create them.

Don't nip your skin! Keep cuts far enough away from your skin that you don't risk cutting yourself.


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