How to Cut Long Hair for an Inverted Bob

Keira Knightly sports an inverted bob.

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Inverted bobs combine the blunt medium length of a bob cut with layering that gives the hairstyle movement and swing. Thinking through each step before you pick up the scissors will prevent the look from getting too short. Cut first, then incorporate layers afterward. Celebs from Rihanna to Katie Holmes have rocked inverted bobs as a sexy yet sweet look.


Determine how long you want the hair to be in front, where inverted bobs are longest, and in the back, where they're shortest. You'll need to figure out how steep you want the angle to be. Steep cuts are edgier and bobs with a gentler slope are more classic.


Wet the hair with a spray bottle. Comb out tangles with a wide-toothed comb.


Pick up a one-quarter-inch section of hair at the nape of your neck. Angle the scissors straight across. Cut the hair. Work across the nape of your neck, cutting the hair straight across so it's all the same length.


Cut the left side of the head first, working in 1-inch sections. Work from the nape of the neck out toward the front. To create the inverted bob, make the layers longer as you make your way toward the front of the head. Hold the scissors at a sloping angle to create a natural layer. If you're nervous about the layering, make one guide cut at the front of the head to show the longest layer. This gives you a visual reference for your style.


Cut the right side the same way. At this point, you will have a loose bob that slopes down, with longer hair toward the chin and shorter hair by the nape of the neck.


Layer the hair using either a hair razor or thinning shears, whichever you prefer. Hold hair out so it parallels the floor, then place your fingers below the area you want to cut. Draw the razor over the hair to snip it and create layers. With scissors, slide thinning shears up into the hair. Keep the blade partway open to remove the hair and create layers. Hold the scissors at a steep angle.

Things You'll Need


1.Spray bottle

3.Hair-cutting shears

2.Wide-toothed comb

4.Hair razor or thinning shears


Tips & Tricks


Tousle the hair when you finish cutting to shake out loose hairs. Inspect your work in the mirror and touch up any spots that need adjustment.


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